Ian Bright Architects is registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects as a Chartered Practice. Ian Bright is a Chartered Architect and an RIBA Accredited Conservation Architect.

We are a multi-award winning practice with over thirty years of personal experience with the conservation and repair of assets of heritage significance including listed buildings, structures and monuments. Our focus is on preserving the significant original elements of the building whilst ensuring its continued appropriate contemporary use. This often requires the sensitive insertion of contemporary elements to preserve the original material. Our philosophy is to design architecture and spaces with a clear distinction between the original elements and the contemporary elements of the building. This juxtaposition contrast of traditional and modern provides an architecture that can clearly be read and enables the observer to interpret the buildings' history.

We have successfully carried out all the standard RIBA architects roles including contract administrator with extensive experience with all the major forms of JCT Building Contracts. We currently act as contract administrator for several live projects and provide expert contractual advice for clients. We are familiar with the procedures of Local Authority Planning and Listed Building Consent and the listing of buildings and structures and with the Building Regulations.