I am a Chartered Architect and have been a member of the RIBA since 1995. I am an RIBA accredited Conservation Architect with over thirty years experience with listed buildings and structures.

My career in conservation started in 1980, leaving school and working for a specialist conservation contractor training as a joiner, working on sites in central London restoring Victorian and Georgian properties. This led to a lifelong interest in conservation and a desire to extend my knowledge. I then attended college and qualified as an Architectural Technician and subsequently attended the University of Manchester, School of Architecture. I trained further at Thomas Worthington and Sons Architects; well known for its tradition dating back to 1849 and focussing on conservation. There I gained invaluable experience in good building conservation practice and furthered my knowledge of traditional detailing and construction methods.

Following the successful completion of my studies at Manchester University I worked as an architect at other architects practices mainly on conservation work, qualifying with RIBA Part III and becoming Chartered with the RIBA in 1995. In 1999 I set up an architects practice with a group of architects and I worked predominantly on Conservation projects. I subsequently set up my own practice in order to specialise in the conservation and repair of assets of heritage significance including listed buildings and structures. I have since won several awards for my conservation work.

Ian Bright's other roles

The Manchester Society of Architects “A Branch of the RIBA”

The MSA was formed in 1865 and has been a registered branch of the RIBA since 1891. Highly respected and recognised for promoting the conservation of buildings of heritage significance. My roles within the MSA organisation have been as follows:

2006-08             “Honorary President of the Manchester Society of Architects”

2003-06             “Honorary Secretary of the Manchester Society of Architects”

1995 to date      “Member of the Manchester Society of Architects”

RIBA / University of Manchester

“External Examiner” for the BA Degree course in Architecture at the University of Manchester School of Architecture. Assessing the University School of Architecture standards and curriculum and reporting to the RIBA on the University’s suitability for RIBA accreditation.


RIBA Accredited Conservation Architect                         CA

Member of Royal Institute of British Architects                RIBA

Member of Architects Registration Board                        ARB

Bachelor of Architecture                                                   B. Arch

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Architecture             B.A. Hons Architecture 

Architectural Technicians National Diploma                     Tech Nat Dip